If you're looking to build a boat...

Sina Marine specialises in the design of small vessels ranging from 12 to 42 metres, all customised to suit your every needs. While we are not boat builders ourselves, we have worked together with them for close to the past decade. Because of this close working relationship, we understand the problems that builders face when building a boat. This allows us to come up with designs that reduces or eliminates these problems. Furthermore, we believe in working closely with builders, and are often available to solve any new issues that may arise swiftly.

We can find you a reliable boat builder.

Our wealth of experience in boat building and network of marine suppliers complements builders significantly as we can offer advice for building our designs and also assist in product procurement. Because of such close collaboration with builders, we have established a good rapport with quite a number of them in Singapore, Southeast Asia and China. If you are looking for a boat builder, we can refer you to one regardless of whether you use our design.

If it's marine related, we can will help.

Here at Sina Marine we endeavor to provide the best service and assistance to our potential clients. We also believe in continual learning to constantly improve ourselves. If you have a marine related question, feel free to contact us. While we may not necessarily be able answer your queries, we will find you somebody who can. In this way, we fulfill our two operating philosophies.

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